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#tbt to my senior year of high school and I was a Black Shirt 💀. I can believe this picture was taken 3 years ago…. Time really flys. It feels good knowing that I was apart of this during one of the best era’s of Vista Football 08-11 and that I had the honor to play with all of you amazing people! You and many others changed my life for the better and I feel blessed to have been your teammate! #vistapantherforlife

Absolutely correct. No gimmicks, no crazy fraudulent diet plans, no crazy medicine. Just making good healthy eating choices…. done habitually throughout during of your life will prevent certain cancers, heart disease, organ failure, skin problems, bone and muscle diseases, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could cause serious health risks and/or premature death. #livehealthy #eatfood #realfood

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